Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate Pooches?!

Arrrrrrrgh! 'Tis goin' to be the' best Halloween ever this Dogtober with pooches sportin' the finest in Pirate frocks and frivolty! 

This lovely lass may not look sure about the whole pirate scene, but let us assure ya, 'tis th' best look t' be had!



These costumes be th' best in th' business! Now ye pooch can be ye first matey or even ye cap'n! These deals on pet costumes be like findin' buried treasure!

Workshop Elf OR First Mate? You decide!

Speakin' o' burried treasure, when browsing our fine selection of cat and dog pirate costumes, this Workshop Elf costume looks more like a first mate t' me! Well... that silly little bow has got t' go, but this costume could definitely work for more than one holiday! 


Fer a spicy lass, this Swashbuckler Pirate Girl costume will have yer dog barking orders in no time!

Zelda Pirate

Even a pooch will appreciate the details of our Zelda Pirate costume, no matter what this guy's world-weary expression might imply. Don't be fooled... this look has charmed many a lass outta her treasure o' treats!

Crocodile costume

While Capt'n Hook won't care fer this crocodile costume, yer guests that 'r fans o' Neverland will appreciate the frivolty associated with his nemesis. "Tick tock, tick tock!"


Speakin' o' time, ye will be wantin' t' hurry and get yer Halloween pet costumes soon, or ye shall be walkin' the plank t' swim t' another far shore! And we can't have that, now, can we?