Pups Don't Mind the Pawparazzi!

Your Pet Is a Star! Now they can dress the part with Dogtober's best pet costumes with a nod to pop stars. True, they'll be hounded by folks with cameras, but secretly, we think they love all the fanfare!

Baby, you'll be famous
Chase you down until you love me
Paw-pa, Paw-parazzi

Speaking of Lady GaGa lyrics, our dog costume version that is a tribute to her is center stage of our Dogtober photo above, though we'd call it Lady DoGa. We'd love to see her backup singer, who's wearing our Cupcake Girl dog costume, modeled as a cat costume for a Kitty Purry no one would forget!

Dogs rock 'dem bones

For really scary star power, we've dug some deceased ones up. Trust us, they'll look much more fresh on your pet! Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Michael Jackson are funny pet costumes that your friends won't forget!

Pop King Star          You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog Costume

How about this Silver Screen Starlet dog costume? If you don't find this costume scary-funny, you might need to check your own pulse!


Your dog can be on the A-Team

The pawparazzi hasn't been following Mr. T around for quite some time, but maybe your pup can start a revival with this 80's star with our Pitty the Bull Halloween dog costume. 

Pitty the Bull Costume

Blonde Hambition

Your diva dog will be ready for a world tour with our Pop Queen dog costume! We know kitties are divas too, so try one of these icons as a cat costume!

Pop Queen Dog Costume

It wasn't just just the ladies who were rockin' it in the 80's. Now you can have your favorite Glam Rocker dude represented too!

Axl Rose? Bret Michaels?

All we can say is that everyone had better have their cameras ready for these dog celebrity costumes because the stars are going to shine bright on fright night!